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Whether you need orientation or reorientation, I help you find your specific place in the world. Via personality tests including the MBTI, and other complementary tools, you effectively discover your unique personality.

We open up the possibilities of studies, training and of course jobs.

You will also have research work to do because you are an actor of your change, and I facilitate this important action for you. 


Burnout is a disease and requires medical support above all. Dr. Michel Delbrouck was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of burnout coaching support. On this basis I have developed an effective protocol, which always involves a tailor-made adjustment to who you are.

In 4 steps:

1: understand how did it come to this?

Status report. How did you get here? I make a summary, and I propose a realistic and adapted action plan which we discuss together.

2: Reduce your stress : in the right way for you, I offer several easy and effective resources.

3: Recover Energy : a choice of methods is proposed to you and you find desires and pleasures.

4: Strengh ahead : coaching is short-term, and for a safe post-burnout recovery, we put in place a long-term vision that makes sense for you. 


From generation to generation talents can be perpetuated and also various problems can be found. There is a whole phase of research, awareness of family patterns. Sometimes it is not even necessary to go back very far in the lineages to hear the resonance of what presents itself within you. This echo of issues can be worked on to allow inner liberation, significant and lasting relief for future generations.


I refer to a 'SPIRIT-SOUL-PSYCHISM-BODY' model of the human being, and work according to the teachings of Dominique Bigé. The natal chart is the reflection in our psyche of collective information. This information is the basis of our psychic structure. The natal chart allows the study of the personality in its psychic aspect, and in a dynamic way throughout life.

The path of life and the direction that we take. Within the personality there are expressed potentials and unexpressed potentials. The Chart is also a tracking tool. At 20, then 40 or 60, we can see that we have gone through stages, developed skills, qualities, that we have evolved. Thanks to 3 life crosses, I can show you your 'high personality potentials', the direction to your journey in life.


Personality specialist, I offer you a tailor-made support based on your personality.

When we get to know each other, I determine as accurately as possible how I put myself at your service to find solutions  whatever your situation.

And together we find your resources.

What is personality?

Each person is unique, it is not a question of putting you in a box.

Personality is a systemic set of your modes of operation, your beliefs, your values; the perfect synergy of your three bodies (mental, emotional and physical).

Starting from your personality, this saves us a lot of time and provides a solid and lasting basis for work. Thus you can be coached in an effective way, with clear objectives, fast results and a lasting well-being.

By knowing yourself better :  you will be more autonomous and be the best version of yourself.

If you don't know what's wrong?

If you feel lost, it's my role to guide you step by step to name your needs and find out how to attend to them! It's quite common not to know what we're missing, that's why I put my skills at your disposal.

What are the benefits of life coaching ? 

Make what you want to do work.

You can be an actor of the change you want.

Allows interior releases and relief.

Access new knowledge about yourself.

Find resources and practical solutions.

Have a better long-term vision of your life, with clear goals.

Ericksonian Hypnosis 

Active hypnosis, where the client remains in control of his own change.

Body and sounds

In order to help the body to transmute all these changes, welcome these resources. I propose to go through your inner path with breathing tools, sounds, singing bowls, meditations. And also an Energetic bodywork (voice, sounds, crystals, tuning forks) to re-align the energies of your body. 

Want to know more?

Email me or call me, let's talk about it!

Each request is unique, and one cannot write everything

on a site, right?

I'm listening to you :

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